1. National Emblem3:00 
2. Old Comrades4:32 
3. Entry Of The Gladiators2:39 
4. Radetsky March2:31 
5. Invercargill March2:24 
6. Valdres3:40 
7. Purple Pageant3:22 
8. Rolling Thunder1:57 
9. Inglesina4:37 
10. Coronation March, Crown Imperial8:29 
11. H. M. Jollies2:39 
12. Chimes Of Liberty, The3:11 
13. March Of The Belgian Parachutists4:19 
14. Father Of Victory5:26 
15. Boys Of The Old Brigade, The2:23 
16. March Of The Steelmen2:53 

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