My Oldies Collection, Vol. 1: The '60s

My Oldies Collection, Vol. 1: The '60s
by Various Artists


1. Rock & Roll3:20 
2. Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'2:06 
3. Let the Little Girl Dance2:20 
4. Paper Roses2:16 
5. A Million to One2:31 
6. Johnny Angel2:21 
7. Wipeout2:38 
8. Heart of a Teenage Girl3:11 
9. You Cheated2:27 
10. Silence Is Golden3:15 
11. Hey Little Girl (Single Version)2:27 
12. Hey Paula (A Lover's Concerto)2:43 
13. New York's a Lonely Town (Malibu Version)2:27 
14. Get On Up (Original Stereo Single Version)2:26 
15. Walking Back to Happiness2:33 
16. Sing Like an Angel2:40 
17. Concrete and Clay2:20 
18. We'll Sing in the Sunshine2:59 
19. Pipeline2:13 

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