City Of Angels (Music From The Motion Picture)

City Of Angels (Music From The Motion Picture)
by Various Artists


1. If God Will Send His Angels (Album Version) 4:32 
Not Available
2. Uninvited (Album Version) 4:36 
3. Red House (Album Version) 3:50 
Not Available
4. Feelin' Love (Album Version) Parental Advisory - Explicit Content5:38 
5. Mama, You Got a Daughter (Album Version) 3:41 
Not Available
6. Angel (Album Version) 4:26 
Not Available
7. Iris (Album Version) 4:50 
8. I Grieve (Album Version) 8:12 
Not Available
9. I Know (Album Version) 4:34 
10. Further on up the Road (Album Version) 7:28 
Not Available
11. An Angel Falls (Remix) (Remix Album Version) 4:54 
12. The Unfeeling Kiss (Album Version) 3:43 
13. Spreading Wings (Album Version) 4:29 
14. City of Angels (Album Version) 7:12 

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