M!ssundaztood (Expanded Edition)

M!ssundaztood (Expanded Edition)
by Pink


parental advisory - explicit content
1. Get the Party Started3:13 
2. 18 Wheeler3:45 
3. M!ssundaztood3:37 
4. Dear Diary3:30 
5. Eventually3:35 
6. Numb3:08 
7. Just Like a PillParental Advisory - Explicit Content3:57 
8. Family Portrait4:57 
9. Misery4:32 
10. Respect3:22 
11. Don't Let Me Get Me (Radio Edit)3:31 
12. Gone to California4:34 
13. Lonely Girl4:20 
14. My Vietnam5:16 
15. Catch 22Parental Advisory - Explicit Content3:52 
16. Get The Party Started (Live at La Scala, King's Cross, London, England)3:19 
Not Available
17. Just Like A Pill (Jacknife Lee Mix)3:45 
Not Available
18. Don't Let Me Get Me (Maurice's Nu Soul Mix)6:06 

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