1. 911 For Peace3:35 
2. Mumia's Song2:24 
3. What's The Difference?2:00 
4. We Want To Be Free1:36 
5. N.B.C. (No Blood-Thirsty Corporations)2:13 
6. Right To Choose2:58 
7. We Don't Need It!3:13 
8. Anatomy Of Your Enemy3:03 
9. Underground Network3:33 
10. Tearing Everyone Down2:44 
11. Bring Out Your Dead3:02 
12. A New Kind Of Army3:47 
13. Their System Doesn't Work For You2:25 
14. Free Nation2:56 
15. Spaz's House Destruction Party3:11 
16. Die For The Government31:25 

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