1. Foreword0:13 
2. Don't Stay3:08 
3. Somewhere I Belong3:34 
4. Lying from You2:55 
5. Hit the Floor2:44 
6. Easier to Run3:24 
7. Faint2:43 
8. Figure.093:18 
9. Breaking the Habit3:17 
10. From the Inside2:54 
11. Nobody's Listening2:59 
12. Session2:24 
13. Numb3:06 
14. Lying from You (Live LP Underground Tour 2003)3:05 
Not Available
15. From the Inside (Live LP Underground Tour 2003)2:56 
Not Available
16. Easier to Run (Live LP Underground Tour 2003)3:23 
Not Available

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