Magna Carta... Holy Grail

Magna Carta... Holy Grail
by Jay-Z


1. Holy Grail5:38 
2. Picasso Baby4:06 
3. Tom Ford3:09 
4. F*ckwithmeyouknowigotit4:03 
5. Oceans3:58 
6. F.U.T.W.4:03 
7. Somewhereinamerica2:28 
8. Crown4:34 
9. Heaven4:03 
10. Versus0:52 
Not Available
11. Part II (On The Run)5:34 
12. Beach Is Better0:56 
Not Available
13. BBC3:12 
14. JAY Z Blue3:50 
15. La Familia3:34 
16. Nickels And Dimes5:03 

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