1. Meet Luca4:09 
2. Did You Hide?1:04 
3. The Curious Fish1:40 
4. You Forgot Your Harpoon0:39 
5. Phantom Tail2:09 
6. Walking Is Just Like Swimming2:02 
7. Vespa è Libertà1:42 
8. You Hold the Ramp1:00 
9. Silenzio Bruno0:42 
10. That's the Dream2:06 
11. The Bottom of the Ocean1:52 
12. Take Me, Gravity1:45 
13. Portorosso1:36 
14. Signor Vespa1:18 
15. This Isn't Any Old Race2:56 
16. Buonanotte, Boys1:28 
17. Land Monsters Everywhere0:56 
18. Buongiorno Massimo3:04 
19. The Out of Town Weirdo Tax1:48 
20. Rules Are for Rule People1:08 
21. How Humans Swim1:04 
22. Not Our Kid0:49 
23. Telescope2:46 
24. Beyond the Solar System1:03 
25. We Don't Need Anybody1:55 
26. The Sea Monster3:34 
27. I Wish I Could Take It Back4:01 
28. The Portorosso Cup7:35 
29. How to Find the Good Ones5:15 
30. Go Find Out for Me1:39 

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