1. Ready For Love (Album Version)2:50 
2. If You Can't Dance (Album Version)2:27 
3. Meet Luther Vandross (Album Version)1:47 
4. The Glow Of Love (Album Version)6:11 
Not Available
5. Never Too Much (12" Version)5:40 
6. Don't You Know That?4:03 
7. A House Is Not a Home7:08 
8. Bad Boy / Having a Party5:16 
9. Since I Lost My Baby5:29 
10. She Loves Me Back6:09 
11. Who's Gonna Make It Easier For Me3:20 
12. If This World Were Mine5:23 
13. How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye3:27 
14. Superstar / Until You Come Back to Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)9:18 
1. If Only for One Night4:16 
2. Creepin'4:04 
3. Wait for Love5:18 
4. 'Til My Baby Comes Home5:32 
5. It's over Now6:08 
6. The Night I Fell in Love6:06 
7. There's Only You (Album Version)4:54 
8. Anyone Who Had A Heart (Album Version)5:59 
9. So Amazing (Intimate Mix)3:57 
10. Give Me the Reason4:46 
11. Stop to Love5:10 
12. There's Nothing Better Than Love4:43 
13. So Amazing3:42 
14. For You to Love5:37 
15. Here and Now5:23 
1. Love the One You're With5:03 
2. Funky Music (Is A Part Of Me) (Album Version)3:33 
3. Georgy Porgy7:28 
4. Power of Love / Love Power6:43 
5. Don't Want to Be a Fool4:36 
6. I Want The Night To Stay (Album Version)5:27 
7. Endless Love4:18 
8. Any Love5:02 
9. Knocks Me off My Feet3:45 
10. Your Secret Love4:13 
11. Never Let Me Go4:30 
12. Can Heaven Wait5:36 
13. The Closer I Get to You6:26 
1. Isn't There Someone (Album Version)4:41 
Not Available
2. Dance With My Father4:26 
3. Take You Out (Radio Edit)3:26 
4. I'd Rather4:52 
5. Buy Me a Rose3:49 
6. Shine4:51 
7. Got You Home3:39 
8. Jump to It (12" Mix)6:39 
9. Hot Butterfly (Disco Remix)8:21 
Not Available
10. Searching (Live)4:36 
11. Always and Forever (Live)5:03 
12. Windows of the World / What the World Needs Now (Live)6:02 
Not Available
13. The Lady Is a Tramp (Album Version)3:24 
Not Available
14. A House Is Not a Home10:31 
Not Available

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