1. Love In The Future (Intro) (Album Version)0:40 
2. The Beginning...3:25 
3. Open Your Eyes (Album Version)3:07 
4. Made to Love4:00 
5. Who Do We Think We Are (Album Version)4:53 
6. All of Me4:30 
7. Hold On Longer (Album Version)2:38 
8. Save The Night (Album Version)3:09 
9. Tomorrow (Album Version)3:33 
10. What If I Told You? (Interlude) (Album Version)0:51 
11. Dreams (Album Version)2:39 
12. Wanna Be Loved (Album Version)3:06 
13. Angel (Interlude) (Album Version)1:25 
14. You & I (Nobody in the World)4:13 
15. Asylum (Album Version)3:18 
16. Caught Up (Album Version)3:46 

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