1. Introduction / Love Thing (Live)5:10 
2. Day Job (Live)5:24 
3. International Feel (Live)4:22 
4. Property (Live)4:27 
5. Chant (Live)7:05 
6. Secret Society (Live)15:41 
Not Available
7. Feel Too Good (Live)6:55 
8. Don't You Ever Learn (Live)5:31 
1. Worldwide Epiphany (Live)8:33 
2. No World Order (Live)9:07 
3. Black and White (Live)4:52 
4. Fascist Christ (Live)6:42 
5. Love Thing (Live)1:36 
6. Bang the Drum All Day (Live)5:15 
7. Incidental Music (Live)0:14 
8. One World (Acoustic Encore) [Live]3:51 

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