1. Steve McQueen4:28 
2. A Change Would Do You Good5:08 
3. All I Wanna Do4:56 
4. My Favorite Mistake5:18 
5. Tell Me When It’s Over5:27 
6. Everything Is Broken4:24 
7. Can’t Cry Anymore6:08 
8. Prove You Wrong4:26 
9. Run, Baby, Run5:28 
10. Don't4:20 
11. Strong Enough3:41 
12. Leaving Las Vegas6:50 
13. It Don’t Hurt5:30 
14. Still The Good Old Days5:47 
15. Cross Creek Road6:01 
1. Nobody’s Perfect4:55 
2. Home6:10 
3. Maybe Angels6:05 
4. Real Gone4:21 
5. Wouldn’t Want To Be Like You / Na Na Song9:19 
6. Beware Of Darkness3:48 
7. The First Cut Is The Deepest4:05 
8. Best Of Times6:02 
9. If It Makes You Happy5:14 
10. Soak Up The Sun5:40 
11. Everyday Is A Winding Road7:22 
12. I Shall Believe7:43 

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