1. Rockford Rock (Live)2:08 
2. The Same Song (Live)4:32 
3. Jailhouse Rocking (Live Extended Version)5:57 
4. Rude Boy Shufflin' (Live in Arizona and California)7:51 
5. Never Gonna Hurt Me Again (Live)4:40 
6. You Never Know (Live)4:57 
7. There Is No End (Live)5:09 
8. On the Rock (Live)4:53 
9. Greedy Dog (Live)6:45 
10. Racial Injustice (Live)7:17 
11. Red Eyes (Introducing the Band) [Live Extended Version]9:39 
12. Strength of My Life (Live)3:41 
13. Licks & Kicks (Live)2:40 
14. War (Live)6:16 

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