1. All For You (Calgary/Edmonton Live Show Version)5:06 
2. Superman's Dead (Calgary/Edmonton Live Show Version)5:53 
3. Not Enough (Calgary/Edmonton Live Show Version)4:33 
4. Naveed (Calgary/Edmonton Live Show Version)10:41 
Not Available
5. Innocent (Calgary/Edmonton Live Show Version)5:00 
6. Bring Back The Sun (Calgary/Edmonton Live Show Version)5:07 
7. One Man Army (Calgary/Edmonton Live Show Version)4:06 
8. Is Anybody Home? (Calgary/Edmonton Live Show Version)5:43 
9. Our Time Is Fading (Calgary/Edmonton Live Show Version)3:03 
10. Are You Sad (Calgary/Edmonton Live Show Version)8:24 
11. Whatever (Calgary/Edmonton Live Show Version)3:33 
12. Clumsy (Calgary/Edmonton Live Show Version)4:19 
13. Starseed (Calgary/Edmonton Live Show Version)7:57 
14. Somewhere Out There (Calgary/Edmonton Live Show Version)4:23 

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