1. Space Oddity (Remastered)5:15 
2. The Man Who Sold the World (Remastered)3:59 
3. Changes (Remastered)3:35 
4. Oh! You Pretty Things (Remastered)3:14 
5. Life On Mars? (2016 Mix)3:38 
Not Available
6. Starman (Single Mix)4:15 
7. Ziggy Stardust (Remastered)3:14 
8. Moonage Daydream (Remastered)4:40 
9. The Jean Genie (Single Mix [Remastered])4:06 
10. All the Young Dudes3:09 
11. Drive-In Saturday (Remastered)4:33 
12. Sorrow (Remastered)2:55 
13. Rebel Rebel (Remastered)4:30 
14. Young Americans (Original Single Edit)3:14 
15. Fame (Remastered)4:16 
16. Golden Years (Single Version [Remastered])3:28 
17. Sound and Vision (Remastered)3:03 
18. Heroes (Single Version [Remastered])3:34 
19. Boys Keep Swinging (Remastered)3:18 
20. Fashion (Single Version [Remastered])3:27 
21. Ashes to Ashes (Single Version [Remastered])3:36 
1. Under Pressure (Remastered)4:05 
2. Let's Dance (Single Version [Remastered])4:10 
3. China Girl (Single Version [Remastered])4:17 
4. Modern Love (Single Version [Remastered])3:58 
5. Blue Jean (Remastered)3:12 
6. This Is Not America (Remastered)3:53 
7. Dancing in the Street (Remastered)3:12 
8. Absolute Beginners (Edit Remastered)4:48 
9. Jump They Say (Radio Edit Remastered)3:54 
10. Hallo Spaceboy (Pet Shop Boys Remix)4:29 
11. Little Wonder (Edit)3:42 
12. I'm Afraid of Americans (V1)4:26 
13. Thursday's Child (Radio Edit)4:27 
14. Slow Burn (Edit)3:58 
15. Everyone Says 'Hi' (Edit)3:29 
16. New Killer Star (Radio Edit)3:46 
17. Where Are We Now?4:10 
18. Lazarus (Radio Edit)4:07 
19. I Can't Give Everything Away (Radio Edit)4:25 

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