1. Clap Your Hands and Stamp Your Feet3:04 
2. It Must Be Love2:56 
3. Needles and Pins2:35 
4. I May Hate Myself In the Morning3:26 
5. I Don't Wanna Play House2:35 
6. Achy Breaky Heart3:20 
7. Move On3:16 
8. Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain2:53 
9. Pretty Woman2:55 
10. Bye Bye Love3:05 
11. Country Guitar Medley3:46 
12. Jambalaya2:46 
13. Oh Lord It's Hard to Be Humble3:30 
14. Little Bitty2:34 
15. Somebody Like You3:39 
16. Coward of the County4:25 
17. This Old House3:04 
18. Fire3:13 
19. As Good As I Once Was3:47 
20. Good Hearted Woman3:32 
21. How Great Thou Art3:03 
1. Country Roads3:19 
2. Cotton Fields3:35 
3. Beautiful Sunday3:17 
4. Green Green Grass of Home2:55 
5. Rhinestone Cowboy4:04 
6. Baby Blue3:39 
7. Lucille3:50 
8. I'm On My Way3:25 
9. Woman, Beautiful Woman3:03 
10. The Gambler3:22 
11. Hillbilly Rock, Hillbilly Roll2:34 
12. Help Me Make it Through the Night3:15 
13. Kiss an Angel Good Morning2:36 
14. My Special Prayer2:42 
15. Darlin'2:57 
16. Livin' On Love3:35 
17. Never Ending Song of Love3:17 
18. Queen of My Heart4:10 
19. Singing the Blues2:42 
20. When Will I Be Loved2:01 

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