1. Untitled 2 (Instrumental)0:35 
2. Cream Of The Crop (Instrumental)3:40 
3. Synergy (Instrumental)3:17 
4. Holy Ghost Spirit (Instrumental)3:50 
5. For The Jeers (Instrumental)4:11 
6. Ember (Instrumental)3:46 
7. Pop Off! (Instrumental)3:09 
8. One Man's Cringe (Instrumental)3:44 
9. Feels Bad Man (Instrumental)3:20 
10. Die Another Day (Instrumental)3:41 
11. Two Secret Weapons (Instrumental)3:30 
12. Polka Dot Dobbins (Instrumental)2:46 
13. Long Nights In Jail (Instrumental)3:04 
14. Back On Deck (Instrumental)3:31 
15. Current Events (Instrumental)4:17 
16. Pray To God For Your Mother (Instrumental)3:49 
17. Swallowed By Eternity (Instrumental)5:05 
18. Have A Great Life (Instrumental)3:48 

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