1. I Walk the Line2:46 
2. Ring of Fire2:38 
3. Folsom Prison Blues2:52 
4. Cry, Cry, Cry2:29 
5. Ballad of a Teenage Queen2:12 
6. Guess Things Happen That Way1:51 
7. There You Go2:20 
8. Don't Take Your Guns to Town3:04 
9. I Got Stripes2:06 
10. You're the Nearest Thing to Heaven2:41 
11. The Ways of a Woman in Love2:16 
12. So Doggone Lonesome2:39 
13. Big River2:33 
14. Come in, Stranger1:42 
15. Train of Love2:24 
16. In the Jailhouse Now2:24 
17. Luther Played the Boogie2:04 
18. Next in Line2:49 
19. What Do I Care2:08 
20. Tennessee Flat Top Box3:01 
21. Seasons of My Heart2:32 
22. Katy Too1:57 
23. Give My Love to Rose2:46 
24. Five Feet High and Rising1:48 
25. Smiling Bill Mccall2:08 
26. Oh, Lonesome Me2:30 
27. Get Rhythm2:15 
28. The Rebel, Johnny Yuma1:54 
29. I'm Free from the Chain Gang Now1:52 
30. The Big Battle4:06 
31. Hey, Porter2:14 
32. Blue Train2:04 
1. Wreck of the Old '971:48 
2. Sing It Pretty, Sue2:00 
3. Rock Island Line2:11 
4. Let Me Down Easy1:47 
5. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot1:57 
6. Goodbye Little Darlin'2:15 
7. Leave That Junk Alone1:27 
8. Delia's Gone2:02 
9. I Saw a Man2:36 
10. You're My Baby (Little Wooly Booger)1:47 
11. In Them Old Cottonfields Back Home2:35 
12. Lead Me, Father2:31 
13. You Remembered Me2:05 
14. I Call Him1:51 
15. I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know2:27 
16. You Won't Have Far to Go1:51 
17. Mr. Lonesome2:18 
18. I Heard That Lonesome Whistle Blow2:26 
19. Snow in His Hair2:25 
20. Lost on the Desert2:02 
21. Accidentally on Purpose1:56 
22. Down the Street to 3012:03 
23. These Things Shall Pass2:20 
24. Sugartime1:44 
25. Home of the Blues2:41 
26. My Treasure2:29 
27. Port of Lonely Hearts2:35 
28. He'll Be a Friend2:00 
29. Are All the Children In1:58 
30. Life Goes On2:00 
31. It Was Jesus2:09 
32. Honky Tonk Girl2:01 
33. God Will2:25 
34. The Story of a Broken Heart2:38 
35. Lead Me Gently Home2:04 
36. I Will Miss You When You Go2:02 
1. The Old Account2:29 
2. I Couldn't Keep from Crying2:03 

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