1. Storm Warning4:00 
2. Wanted3:49 
3. If You Told Me To3:26 
4. Love Makes Me3:21 
5. Faith to Fall Back On3:08 
6. Somebody's Heartbreak3:48 
7. Rainy Season5:08 
8. Cry with You3:48 
9. Everybody's Got Somebody but Me (feat. Jason Mraz) [Encore]2:39 
10. What You Gonna Do (Duet with Ashley Monroe) [Encore]5:38 
11. More Than I Should (Encore)3:22 
12. All You Ever3:36 
13. In a Song (Encore)4:18 
14. I Want Crazy (Encore)3:57 
15. A Thing About You (Encore)3:19 
16. Better Than This (Encore)3:32 
17. Light Me Up (Encore)4:05 

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