1. I'm A Honky Tonk Girl2:18 
2. Whispering Sea2:15 
3. Success2:42 
4. Before I'm Over You2:34 
5. The Other Woman2:29 
6. This Haunted House2:26 
7. Wine, Women And Song2:05 
8. Mr. And Mrs. Used To Be2:43 
9. Happy Birthday2:06 
10. Blue Kentucky Girl2:42 
11. Our Hearts Are Holding Hands2:38 
12. The Home You're Tearin' Down2:46 
13. Dear Uncle Sam2:18 
14. You Ain't Woman Enough2:15 
15. A Man I Hardly Know2:03 
16. Talking To The Wall2:31 
17. These Boots Are Made For Walkin'2:23 
18. The Darkest Day2:37 
19. The Devil Gets His Due2:16 
20. The Shoe Goes On The Other Foot Tonight2:15 
21. Tomorrow Never Comes2:51 
22. If Loneliness Can Kill Me2:22 
23. Don't Come Home A-Drinkin' (With Lovin' On Your Mind)2:09 
1. There Goes My Everything2:48 
2. If You're Not Gone Too Long2:40 
3. What Kind Of Girl (Do You Think I Am?)2:51 
4. Who Says God Is Dead2:09 
5. Fist City2:14 
6. You've Just Stepped In (From Stepping Out On Me)2:20 
7. Your Squaw Is On The Warpath2:07 
8. Woman Of The World (Leave My World Alone)2:58 
9. Love L-o-v-e2:52 
10. Who's Gonna Take The Garbage Out2:22 
11. Coal Miner's Daughter3:03 
12. You Wanna Give Me A Lift2:33 
13. Wings Upon Your Horns2:40 
14. The One You Need2:24 
15. Deep As Your Pocket2:39 
16. Crazy Out Of My Mind2:46 
17. I Know How2:36 
18. After The Fire Is Gone2:40 
19. Lead Me On2:28 
20. I Wanna Be Free2:19 
21. You're Lookin' At Country2:21 
22. One's On The Way2:39 
23. Rated "X"2:41 
1. Back Street Affair3:08 
2. Blueberry Hill2:24 
3. The Morning After Baby Let Me Down2:44 
4. It'll Feel Good After It Quits Hurtin'2:17 
5. Here I Am Again2:46 
6. The Pill2:39 
7. Ain't It Funny2:45 
8. Love Is The Foundation2:33 
9. As Soon As I Hang Up The Phone2:43 
10. What Sundown Does To You2:15 
11. Hey Loretta2:53 
12. Trouble In Paradise2:11 
13. They Don't Make 'Em Like My Daddy2:20 
14. When The Tingle Becomes A Chill3:04 
15. The Letter2:55 
16. Out Of My Head And Back In My Bed2:44 
17. Somebody Somewhere (Don't Know What He's Missin' Tonight)3:04 
18. She's Got You3:08 
19. Why Can't He Be You3:43 
20. I Can't Feel You Anymore3:18 
Not Available
21. You're The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly2:35 
22. I've Got A Picture Of Us On My Mind2:49 
Not Available
23. I Lie3:07 
Not Available
24. Who Was That Stranger2:09 

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