1. Tubular Bells (Theme From "The Exorcist")4:56 
2. Bad Things (From "True Blood") [Instrumental Version]2:41 
3. Phantasm (Theme from "Phantasm")3:13 
4. Main Theme (From "American Horror Story")3:05 
5. Carol Anne's Theme (From "Poltergeist")3:32 
6. Main Title Theme Song (From "The Walking Dead")3:02 
7. Main Title (From "Terminator 2: Judgement Day")2:10 
8. Halloween (Theme from "Halloween")3:04 
9. Psycho Suite (Theme from "Psycho")2:06 
10. Theme Song (From "The Vampire Diaries")3:01 
11. It Was Always You, Helen (Theme from "Candyman")6:09 
12. This Is Halloween (From "Nightmare Before Christmas") [Instrumental]2:11 
13. Hedwig's Theme (Theme From "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone")5:00 
14. Beetlejuice (Theme from "Beetlejuice")1:54 
15. Tales from the Crypt (Theme From "Tales from the Crypt")1:22 
16. Nightmare Before Christmas (From "Nightmare Before Christmas") [Instrumental]2:47 
17. Main Title (From "Game of Thrones")3:32 
18. Theme from "Jaws"2:53 
19. The Imperial March - Darth Vader Theme (From "Star Wars")3:01 
20. Vampire Hunters (Theme from "Bram's Stoker's Dracula")3:00 
21. Funeral March of a Marionette (From "Alfred Hitchcock Presents")4:40 
22. Godzilla! (From "Godzilla")2:11 

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