Greatest Love Songs

Greatest Love Songs
by Angela Winbush


1. Come My Way4:45 
2. My First Love (Digitally Remastered) 4:35 
3. No One Has Ever Cared (Like You) (Edit) 6:06 
4. Sensual Lover4:47 
5. Hello Beloved5:17 
6. Too Good To Let You Go5:45 
7. Menage A Trois (Album Version) 5:57 
8. You Had A Good Girl5:43 
9. I'm The Kind Of Woman5:44 
10. Please Bring Your Love Back (Album Version) 5:00 
11. Baby Hold On5:24 
12. I've Learned To Respect (The Power Of Love) (Album Version) 6:30 
13. Precious (Album Version) 5:54 
14. Your Smile (Single Version) 4:02 
1. Imaginary Playmates4:34 

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