1. The Fat Man2:37 
2. Goin' Home2:12 
3. Going To The River2:34 
4. Please Don't Leave Me2:39 
5. Something's Wrong2:42 
6. Ain't That A Shame?2:30 
7. All By Myself2:24 
8. Poor Me2:20 
9. I Can't Go On (Rosalie)2:11 
10. Bo Weevil2:06 
11. Don't Blame It On Me2:43 
12. I'm In Love Again1:57 
13. My Blue Heaven2:08 
14. When My Dreamboat Comes Home2:19 
15. So Long2:12 
16. Blueberry Hill2:23 
17. Honey Chile1:50 
18. Blue Monday2:20 
19. I'm Walkin'2:08 
20. It's You I Love2:03 
21. Valley Of Tears1:53 
22. Wait And See1:58 
23. Whole Lotta Loving1:39 
24. I'm Ready2:05 
25. I Want To Walk You Home2:22 
26. I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday2:03 
27. Be My Guest2:17 
28. Walking To New Orleans2:01 
29. My Girl Josephine (AKA Hello Josephine)2:07 
30. Let The Four Winds Blow2:20 

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