Greatest Hits:  Huey Lewis And The News

Greatest Hits: Huey Lewis And The News
by Huey Lewis & The News


1. The Heart Of Rock & Roll4:06 
2. I Want A New Drug3:32 
3. The Power Of Love3:54 
4. Jacob's Ladder3:30 
5. Stuck With You4:27 
6. Doing It All For My Baby3:40 
7. If This Is It3:52 
8. Do You Believe In Love3:28 
9. Heart And Soul4:11 
10. Back In Time4:19 
11. Perfect World4:07 
12. I Know What I Like3:52 
13. Trouble In Paradise4:27 
14. It's All Right3:03 
15. Cruisin'3:34 
16. Hope You Love Me Like You Say You Do3:45 
17. Small World4:43 
18. But It's Alright2:53 
19. Hip To Be Square4:01 
20. Couple Days Off3:17 
21. Workin For A Livin2:39 

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