1. Something in the Water3:58 
2. Little Toy Guns3:31 
3. Inside Your Heaven4:03 
4. Jesus, Take the Wheel3:46 
5. Don't Forget to Remember Me4:00 
6. Before He Cheats3:19 
7. Wasted4:33 
8. So Small3:45 
9. All-American Girl3:32 
10. Last Name4:01 
11. Just a Dream4:44 
12. I Told You So (feat. Randy Travis)4:20 
1. Cowboy Casanova3:57 
2. Temporary Home4:29 
3. Undo It2:57 
4. Mama's Song4:01 
5. Remind Me (duet with Brad Paisley)4:13 
6. Good Girl3:25 
7. Blown Away4:00 
8. Two Black Cadillacs4:58 
9. See You Again4:07 
10. How Great Thou Art (with Vince Gill) (Live from ACM Presents: Girls' Night Out)4:46 
11. So Small (writing session worktape 1/24/07)4:07 
12. Last Name (writing session worktape 1/22/07)3:59 
13. Mama's Song (writing session worktape 2/5/09)3:54 

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