1. Greatest Hits1:35 
2. Fuzzy3:27 
3. Lowkey As Hell2:16 
4. Numb2:27 
5. Violet!2:47 
6. Snow Globe3:51 
7. Just Kidding2:29 
8. The Secret Life of Me3:26 
9. American Graffiti2:49 
10. You’d Be Paranoid Too (If Everyone Was Out To Get You)2:31 
11. Fruit Roll Ups3:45 
12. LIKE IT2:23 
13. Gladiator (Interlude)1:13 
14. Magnetic2:53 
15. Crying Over It All3:16 
16. Ice Bath2:30 
17. See You In The Future3:32 

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