1. I Lost It3:54 
2. Don't Happen Twice3:23 
3. The Tin Man (New Version)3:38 
4. Fall in Love (Remix)2:38 
5. All I Need to Know3:10 
6. For the First Time3:39 
7. Me and You3:39 
8. Back Where I Come From (New Recording with Kenny's Band)4:17 
9. When I Close My Eyes3:30 
10. She's Got It All3:24 
11. That's Why I'm Here4:03 
12. How Forever Feels3:08 
13. You Had Me from Hello3:51 
14. She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy4:08 
15. What I Need to Do4:04 
16. Baptism4:16 
17. Because of Your Love4:16 

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