1. I'm Back6:13 
2. I Can Understand It6:23 
3. Down And Dirty2:58 
4. One Way Bus2:43 
5. Pretty Words Don't Mean a Thing (Lie to Me)2:36 
6. Con-Funk-Shun4:50 
7. Never Can Say Goodbye3:23 
8. Honeybee4:02 
9. Do The Granny3:08 
10. Theme From Buck The Preacher4:23 
11. Come And Dream Some Paradise (Theme From Gordon's War)5:17 
12. Damn3:48 
13. I've Got Dreams To Remember3:51 
14. Lonely Room4:23 
15. We've Got To Pull Together5:47 
16. Patiently5:07 
17. Serenade For A Jive Turkey4:52 
18. Granddaddy3:54 

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