1. Jive Talkin'3:45 
2. Night Fever3:32 
3. Tragedy5:04 
4. You Should Be Dancing4:18 
5. Stayin' Alive4:45 
6. How Deep Is Your Love4:05 
7. Love So Right3:38 
8. Too Much Heaven4:58 
9. (Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away4:06 
10. Fanny (Be Tender With My Love)4:06 
11. Warm Ride3:16 
12. Stayin' Alive6:59 
1. If I Can't Have You3:22 
2. You Stepped Into My Life3:28 
3. Love Me4:02 
4. More Than A Woman3:17 
5. Rest Your Love On Me4:26 
6. Nights On Broadway4:35 
7. Spirits (Having Flown)5:14 
8. Love You Inside Out4:11 
9. Wind Of Change4:56 
10. Children Of The World3:10 
11. You Should Be Dancing4:48 
12. If I Can't Have You4:11 
13. Night Fever4:44 
14. How Deep Is Your Love4:42 
15. Stayin' Alive3:23 

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