1. I'm Not Sayin' / Ribbon of Darkness3:06 
2. Song for a Winter's Night3:02 
3. Canadian Railroad Trilogy7:05 
4. Softly2:40 
5. For Lovin' Me / Did She Mention My Name3:29 
6. Affair on 8th Avenue3:49 
7. Steel Rail Blues2:50 
8. Wherefore and Why2:48 
9. Bitter Green2:46 
10. Early Morning Rain3:18 
11. Minstrel of the Dawn3:28 
12. Sundown3:34 
13. Beautiful3:23 
14. Summer Side of Life4:04 
15. Rainy Day People2:49 
16. Cotton Jenny3:24 
17. Don Quixote3:39 
18. Circle of Steel2:48 
19. Old Dan's Records3:04 
20. If You Could Read My Mind3:49 
21. Cold on the Shoulder3:00 
22. Carefree Highway3:43 

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