1. I Hope3:31 
2. Thank God2:59 
3. Write It on My Heart3:00 
4. Footprints On The Moon3:10 
5. You're the Only Reason3:00 
6. Goldmine2:43 
7. The Good Ones3:35 
8. Jesus & My Mama3:31 
9. Hall of Fame3:21 
10. Got Me (feat. Shane & Shane)3:56 
11. Rose Needs a Jack2:46 
12. Strong3:26 
13. I Hope (feat. Charlie Puth)3:32 
14. Pick Me Up2:49 
15. Never Get It Back4:12 
16. I Will Always Love You4:42 
17. The Good Ones (Wedding Version)3:39 

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