God Bless America

God Bless America
by God Bless America Players


7. Stars and Stripes/Liberty Bell3:21 
1. Star Spangled Banner2:06 
2. Yankee Doodle1:52 
3. Washington Post March3:16 
4. You're a Grand Old Flag1:59 
5. My Country Tis of Thee2:02 
6. Semper Fidelis2:36 
7. The Liberty Song2:29 
8. Stars and Stripes Forever2:09 
9. Anchors Aweigh2:02 
10. This Land Is Your Land2:25 
11. Hands Across the Sea2:38 
12. National Emblem2:06 
1. God Bless America2:22 
2. Under the Double Eagle2:35 
3. The Caissons Keep Rolling Along2:38 
4. Hail, Columbia1:35 
5. The Wild Blue Yonder2:42 
6. America the Beautiful2:17 
8. New York Hippodrome March2:03 
9. Over There2:36 
10. The Marines' Hymn1:42 
11. Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean2:37 
12. America Is...4:02 

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