1. Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead1:59 
2. We Got The Beat2:32 
3. Anything Goes / Anything You Can Do2:39 
4. It's Not Unusual2:05 
5. You Can't Stop The Beat3:44 
6. Somewhere2:51 
7. I'm The Greatest Star4:07 
8. Something's Coming2:30 
9. Spotlight4:10 
10. Run The World (Girls)3:59 
11. Cool2:43 
12. It's All Over2:42 
13. Out Here On My Own2:14 
14. Fix You4:35 
15. Take Care Of Yourself3:14 
16. Last Friday Night3:48 
17. Candyman3:14 
18. Bein' Green1:51 
19. Waiting For A Girl Like You2:00 
20. Tonight2:51 
21. Uptown Girl3:01 
22. A Boy Like That4:08 
23. America3:19 
24. One Hand, One Heart1:44 
25. Hot For Teacher4:46 
1. You And I / You And I3:16 
2. Hit Me With Your Best Shot / One Way Or Another2:32 
3. I Can't Go For That / You Make My Dreams2:41 
4. Rumour Has It / Someone Like You3:29 
5. Perfect3:31 
6. I'm The Only One4:26 
7. Girls Just Want To Have Fun2:42 
8. Jolene (Glee Cast Version)2:38 
9. I Kissed A Girl3:00 
10. Constant Craving4:38 
11. Red Solo Cup3:41 
12. Buenos Aires3:18 
13. Survivor / I Will Survive3:29 
14. ABC2:54 
15. Control3:55 
16. Man In The Mirror4:07 
17. We Are Young4:12 
18. All I Want For Christmas Is You4:04 
19. Blue Christmas3:50 
20. River4:04 
21. Extraordinary Merry Christmas3:40 
22. Let It Snow2:47 
1. My Favorite Things2:21 
2. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town2:50 
3. Christmas Wrapping4:03 
4. Do They Know It's Christmas?3:25 
5. Santa Baby2:32 
6. Christmas Eve With You3:29 
7. Do You Hear What I Hear3:52 
8. Little Drummer Boy2:56 
9. Summer Nights3:36 
10. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Glee Cast Version)4:17 
11. Moves Like Jagger / Jumpin' Jack Flash (Glee Cast Version)3:16 
12. Without You3:31 
13. We Found Love3:35 
14. Wedding Bell Blues2:51 
15. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (Glee Cast Version)3:28 
16. I Want You Back (Glee Cast Version)2:41 
17. Bad (Glee Cast Version)3:25 
18. Scream (Glee Cast Version)3:39 
19. Never Can Say Goodbye (Glee Cast Version)3:46 
20. Smooth Criminal (Glee Cast Version)3:35 
21. Ben (Glee Cast Version)2:46 
22. I Just Can't Stop Loving You (Glee Cast Version)3:58 
23. Black or White (Glee Cast Version)3:16 
1. Human Nature (Glee Cast Version)3:25 
2. Sexy And I Know It (Glee Cast Version)3:18 
3. Don't Wanna Lose You (Glee Cast Version)4:27 
4. Bamboleo / Hero (Glee Cast Version)3:12 
5. La Isla Bonita (Glee Cast Version)3:15 
6. A Little Less Conversation (Glee Cast Version)2:07 
7. L O V E (Glee Cast Version)2:30 
8. Let Me Love You (Glee Cast Version)3:36 
9. Stereo Hearts (Glee Cast Version)3:32 
10. Home (Glee Cast Version)3:46 
11. I Will Always Love You (Glee Cast Version)4:28 
12. You're The Top (Glee Cast Version)3:11 
13. Cherish / Cherish (Glee Cast Version)3:01 
14. Love Shack (Glee Cast Version)4:21 
15. Cough Syrup (Glee Cast Version)4:11 
16. Stand (Glee Cast Version)2:47 
17. Glad You Came (Glee Cast Version)3:15 
18. Fly / I Believe I Can Fly (Glee Cast Version)3:33 
19. What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger) (Glee Cast Version)3:41 
20. Here's To Us (Glee Cast Version)3:01 
21. I'm Still Standing (Glee Cast Version)3:09 
22. Hungry Like The Wolf / Rio (Glee Cast Version)3:03 
1. Fighter (Glee Cast Version)4:11 
2. Up Up Up (Glee Cast Version)4:33 
3. Somebody That I Used To Know (Glee Cast Version)4:06 
4. You Should Be Dancing (Glee Cast Version)4:22 
5. Night Fever (Glee Cast Version)3:39 
6. Disco Inferno (Glee Cast Version)3:23 
7. If I Can't Have You (Glee Cast Version)3:06 
8. How Deep Is Your Love (Glee Cast Version)4:18 
9. Boogie Shoes (Glee Cast Version)2:06 
10. More Than A Woman (Glee Cast Version)3:13 
11. Stayin' Alive (Glee Cast Version)4:49 
12. How Will I Know (Glee Cast Version)2:47 
13. I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) (Glee Cast Version)4:02 
14. Saving All My Love For You (Glee Cast Version)3:51 
15. So Emotional (Glee Cast Version)3:26 
16. It's Not Right But It's Okay (Glee Cast Version)4:18 
17. I Have Nothing (Glee Cast Version)4:51 
18. My Love Is Your Love (Glee Cast Version)4:21 
19. School's Out (Glee Cast Version)3:22 
20. Cell Block Tango (Glee Cast Version)3:56 
1. Not The Boy Next Door (Glee Cast Version)2:22 
2. The Rain In Spain (Glee Cast Version)2:06 
3. Shake It Out (Glee Cast Version)4:09 
4. Cry (Glee Cast Version)3:32 
5. Big Girls Don't Cry (Glee Cast Version)4:31 
6. Dinosaur (Glee Cast Version)2:55 
7. Love You Like A Love Song (Glee Cast Version)3:07 
8. What Makes You Beautiful (Glee Cast Version)3:18 
9. Take My Breath Away (Glee Cast Version)4:26 
10. I Won't Give Up (Glee Cast Version)4:02 
11. Because You Loved Me (Glee Cast Version)4:36 
12. Mean (Glee Cast Version)3:56 
13. Flashdance (What A Feeling)3:52 
14. Edge Of Glory (Glee Cast Version)4:23 
15. It's All Coming Back To Me Now (Glee Cast Version)5:23 
16. Paradise By The Dashboard Light (Glee Cast Version)3:51 
17. Starships (Glee Cast Version)3:34 
18. Pinball Wizard (Glee Cast Version)3:46 
19. Tongue Tied (Glee Cast Version)3:40 
20. We Are The Champions (Glee Cast Version)3:13 
1. Glory Days (Glee Cast Version)3:32 
2. I'll Remember (Glee Cast Version)4:14 
3. You Get What You Give (Glee Cast Version)4:46 
4. Forever Young (Glee Cast Version)3:55 
5. Roots Before Branches (Glee Cast Version)4:20 
6. In My Life (Glee Cast Version)2:24 
7. Not The End (Glee Cast Version)3:29 
8. I Was Here (Glee Cast Version)3:58 
9. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) (Glee Cast Version)2:31 

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