1. Growin' Up and Gettin' Old3:54 
2. Hannah Ford Road3:38 
3. Back 40 Back3:06 
4. You Found Yours3:12 
5. The Beer, the Band, and the Barstool3:38 
6. Still3:23 
7. See Me Now4:06 
8. Joe3:39 
9. A Song Was Born3:10 
10. My Song Will Never Die4:07 
11. Where the Wild Things Are4:00 
12. Love You Anyway3:50 
13. Take You With Me3:27 
14. Fast Car4:26 
15. Tattoo on a Sunburn3:46 
16. 5 Leaf Clover3:31 
17. Fox in the Henhouse3:55 
18. The Part3:23 

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