1. Get Into Something7:30 
2. Freedom3:39 
3. Take Inventory2:47 
4. Keep On Doin' (Mono)4:02 
5. Girls Will Be Girls, Boys Will Be Boys2:51 
6. I Need You So4:25 
7. If He Can You Can3:45 
8. I Got to Find Me One4:38 
9. Beautiful3:06 
10. Bless Your Heart (Mono)3:04 
11. Baby You Got It (Mono)2:51 
12. Get Into Something, Pt. 1 (Mono)3:53 
13. Get Into Something, Pt. 2 (Mono)3:40 
14. Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out, Pt. 1 (Mono)2:59 
15. Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out, Pt. 2 (Mono)3:00 

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