1. Get Rich Or Die Trying0:46 
2. Samuel L Jackson Intro1:04 
3. 300 Shots6:04 
4. We Don't Give A Fuck About You3:37 
5. Just Gimme Mine1:36 
6. 50 Cent & Mase Interlude1:41 
7. Return Of The Murda3:01 
8. They Takin' Pictures2:11 
9. MOP1:29 
10. So Seductive (LIVE In Atlanta For Massacre Tour)3:20 
11. Glitter N Glass2:46 
12. We Run This2:59 
13. Brooklyn NYG1:38 
14. G-Code1:36 
15. Be Dead3:51 
16. Niggas Gonna Kill Me3:21 
17. Shorty Wanna Gansta Nigga2:29 
18. G-Unit LIVE In St Louis - Massacre Tour Outro3:25 
19. Whoo Kid Xtra0:08 
20. Guns Come Out (LIVE In Los Angeles)2:12 
21. G-Unit Radio Saturdays0:42 
22. Godfrey, Gentrification, Gomez Bros1:24 

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