Future Hndrxx Presents: The WIZRD

Future Hndrxx Presents: The WIZRD
by Future


1. Never Stop4:51 
2. Jumpin on a Jet2:17 
3. Rocket Ship1:57 
4. Temptation2:48 
5. Crushed Up2:30 
6. F&N3:09 
7. Call the Coroner2:12 
8. Talk Sh*t Like a Preacher2:12 
9. Promise U That3:25 
10. Stick to the Models3:16 
11. Overdose1:55 
12. Krazy but True3:05 
13. Servin Killa Kam3:07 
14. Baptiize3:39 
15. Unicorn Purp4:07 
16. Goin Dummi2:42 
17. First Off3:48 
18. Faceshot2:56 
19. Ain't Coming Back3:40 
20. Tricks on Me4:22 

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