1. Loggins & Messina Introduction (Live - Spoken Word)1:44 
2. Travelin' Blues (Live Version)3:08 
3. Danny's Song/A Love Song/House At Pooh Corner/Thinking Of You6:36 
4. Keep Me In Mind (Live Version)4:03 
5. Pretty Princess (Live Version)6:42 
6. Brighter Days (Live Version)3:40 
7. Be Free (Live Version)6:49 
8. Peacemaker (Live Version)5:20 
9. Growin' (Live Version)2:41 
10. Motel Cowboy (Live Version)2:58 
11. Country Medley: Listen to a Country Song / Oh, Lonesome Me / I'm Movin' On / Listen to a Country Song (Reprise) (Live Version)7:13 
12. Oklahoma, Home of Mine (Live Version)3:41 
13. Changes (Live Version)4:47 
14. You Need a Man (Live Version)9:21 
15. Lately My Love (Live Version)3:50 
16. Rock & Roll Medley: My Music/Splish Splash/Boogie Man (Live Version)5:57 

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