1. Eternals Theme3:47 
2. It Is Time2:17 
3. Mission4:30 
4. Somewhere in Time1:40 
5. The Domo1:57 
6. Joie De Vivre2:13 
7. Celestials6:47 
8. Life5:23 
9. Not Worth Saving2:49 
10. Remember5:33 
11. Across the Oceans of Time3:50 
12. This Is Your Fight Now2:47 
13. Audience with Arishem5:34 
14. Isn't It Beautiful2:39 
15. I Have Been Waiting for This3:24 
16. Emergence Sea2:23 
17. Eternal Loss3:24 
18. A Wish2:41 
19. Earth Is Just One Planet1:39 
20. Nach Mera Hero3:10 

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