1. Hound Dog2:16 
2. Love Me2:44 
3. Loving You2:14 
4. Hot Dog1:14 
5. I Want to Be Free2:13 
6. Jailhouse Rock2:27 
7. Treat Me Nice2:12 
8. (You're so Square) Baby I Don't Care1:50 
9. Santa Claus Is Back In Town2:23 
10. Don't2:49 
11. Trouble2:17 
12. King Creole2:08 
13. Steadfast, Loyal and True1:16 
14. Dirty, Dirty Feeling1:34 
15. She's Not You2:09 
16. Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello1:53 
17. Girls! Girls! Girls!2:32 
18. Bossa Nova Baby2:03 
19. You're the Boss2:45 
20. Little Egypt2:19 
21. Fools Fall In Love2:05 
22. Saved2:56 
23. If You Don't Come Back2:30 
24. Three Corn Patches2:47 

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