1. Mellow Yellow3:41 
2. Colours2:45 
Not Available
3. Hurdy Gurdy Man (Single Version)3:20 
4. Catch the Wind (Mono Single Version)2:55 
Not Available
5. Lalena (Single Version)2:55 
6. Epistle To Dippy (Single Version)3:10 
7. Sunshine Superman4:31 
8. There Is a Mountain (Single Version)2:35 
9. Jennifer Juniper (Single Version)2:43 
10. Wear Your Love Like Heaven (Single Version)2:26 
11. Season of the Witch4:56 
12. Atlantis4:59 
13. To Susan On the West Coast Waiting3:11 
14. Barabajagal (Single Version)3:19 
15. Riki Tiki Tavi (Single Version)2:56 

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