1. The Science of Sound (Low Frequency Audio Test)0:42 
2. Techno Bass (Eurobass Mix)3:35 
3. Pump Up the Bass (Sub Woofer Movement Version)3:39 
4. Bass Transmission (Radar Radio Mix)3:40 
5. Flight 305 (Down Tempo Bass Mix)3:56 
6. Techno Soul Bass (Hip Hop Version)3:15 
7. Turntable Terrorism (18 Turntables Power Mix)2:53 
8. Bass FX (Mega Low Mix)4:21 
9. Digital Bass (Ultra Car Mix)3:06 
10. DJ Scratch (Miami Bass Version)3:28 
11. Bass Muzik 305 (Berlin Bass Mix)3:31 
12. Sub Culture (Sonic Boom Mix)5:01 

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