1. You'd Do the Same2:21 
2. Die for the Government3:40 
3. Drink Drank Punk1:42 
4. Rotten Future1:58 
5. Safe Tonight2:42 
6. Red, White & Brainwashed1:52 
7. Davey Destroyed the Punk Scene2:20 
8. Summer Squatter Go Home3:02 
9. She's My Little Gogo Dancer2:22 
10. Police State in the USA2:39 
11. Punk By the Book2:14 
12. F**k Police BrutalityParental Advisory - Explicit Content2:20 
13. I'm Being Watched By the CIA2:13 
14. Kill the Rich3:04 
15. No More Dead3:50 
16. Confused Youth4:13 
17. Your Daddy Was a Rich Man, Your Daddy's F**king DeadParental Advisory - Explicit Content2:09 

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