1. III. Tempo di menuetto3:15 
2. Cry to Me3:19 
3. Open the Door2:32 
4. Where Were You2:58 
5. Am I Grooving You3:11 
6. Never You Mind (Album Version)2:56 
7. He Will Break Your Heart3:26 
8. Shake a Hand4:02 
9. IV. Allegro vivace3:33 
10. The Love of My Woman3:14 
11. I'll Be Gone (Album Version)2:09 
12. He Ain't Give You None (Album Version)2:55 
13. Run Joe (Album Version)2:33 
14. Just Like A Flower (Album Version)2:35 
15. (You) Got What I Need3:02 
16. Powerful Love (Album Version)2:08 
17. Loving You Is Killing Me (Album Version)2:31 
18. You'll Never Leave Him (Album Version)2:56 
19. Our Love Grows (Album Version)2:47 
20. Forever My Darling (Album Version)2:25 

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