1. Te Amo...I Hate YouParental Advisory - Explicit Content3:33 
2. How Can I Live3:17 
3. Two (Vaya Con Dios)3:24 
4. UnframedParental Advisory - Explicit Content3:23 
5. Cleansing3:45 
6. This Time's for Real3:27 
7. Lifeless...Life...2:49 
8. Numb4:06 
9. Have You Ever Felt?3:19 
10. When It Cuts2:47 
11. Letting Go3:19 
12. All the Right WordsParental Advisory - Explicit Content4:08 
13. Re-Birth2:53 
14. How Can I Live (Spanish Version)3:09 
15. Make Me Feel3:09 
16. Clear3:59 
17. Forever3:10 

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