Come Softly To Me: The Very Best Of The Fleetwoods

Come Softly To Me: The Very Best Of The Fleetwoods
by The Fleetwoods


1. Come Softly To Me2:25 
2. I Care So Much2:11 
3. Graduation's Here1:58 
4. Mr. Blue2:25 
5. Unchained Melody2:48 
6. You Mean Everything To Me2:32 
7. Outside My Window2:09 
8. Runaround2:34 
9. Skylark2:37 
10. The Last One To Know3:09 
11. Confidential2:21 
12. Tragedy2:46 
13. Little Miss Sad One2:56 
14. (He's) The Great Imposter2:12 
15. Lavender Blue2:03 
16. One Little Star2:35 
17. Lovers By Night, Strangers By Day2:14 
18. They Tell Me It's Summer2:30 
19. Goodnight My Love (Pleasant Dreams)2:23 
20. My Special Lover2:05 
21. Gone2:32 
22. What'll I Do?2:25 
23. Ten Times Blue2:56 
24. Before And After (Losing You)2:30 
25. Lonely Is As Lonely Does2:43 
26. Radio Jingle0:37 
27. Come Softly To Me2:36 
28. Mr. Blue2:27 

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