1. Intro (Comes Alive Version)2:14 
2. Comatose (Comes Alive Version)3:53 
3. Whispers in the Dark (Comes Alive Version)3:40 
4. Collide (Comes Alive Version)5:20 
5. Forsaken (Comes Alive Version)4:52 
6. The Older I Get (Comes Alive Version)3:49 
7. The Last Night (Comes Alive Version)4:03 
8. Better Than Drugs (Comes Alive Version)5:00 
9. Those Nights (Comes Alive Version)4:47 
10. Yours to Hold (Comes Alive Version)3:46 
11. Rebirthing (Comes Alive Version)4:02 
12. My Obsession (Comes Alive Version)5:03 
13. Angels Fall Down (Comes Alive Version)6:23 
14. Savior (Comes Alive Version)5:17 
15. Best Kept Secret (Comes Alive Version)4:28 
16. Live Free or Let Me Die (B-Side)3:51 
Not Available
17. Rebirthing (Acoustic)3:54 
Not Available
1. Yours to Hold (Acoustic)3:43 
2. The Older I Get (Acoustic)3:29 
3. Whispers in the Dark (Acoustic)3:24 
Not Available
4. Say Goodbye (Acoustic)4:15 

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