1. COJO Nation (Intro) [Live]0:31 
2. Honky Tonk Hardwood Floors (Live)3:09 
3. With You I Am (Live)4:03 
4. Wild as You (Live)3:19 
5. Ride With Me (Live)3:35 
6. Dance Her Home (Live)2:46 
7. Diamond in My Pocket (Intro) [Live]2:02 
8. Diamond in My Pocket (Live)3:27 
9. God Bless the Boy (Cori's Song) [Live]3:31 
10. Half a Song (Live)3:31 
11. Stronger (Live)3:47 
12. Me and My Kind (Live)2:43 
13. Longer Than She Did (Live)3:29 
14. I Don't Know a Thing About Love (Live)3:57 
15. Nothin' on You (Live)5:59 
16. Son of a Ramblin' Man (Live)2:46 
17. Let's Build a Fire (Live)2:53 
18. Human (Intro) [Live]3:26 
19. Human (Live)3:35 
20. 'Til You Can't (Live)4:26 
21. Long Haired Country Boy (Intro) [Live]5:13 
22. Long Haired Country Boy (Live)4:23 
1. The Rockin’ CJB Solos (Live)6:00 
2. On My Way to You (Intro) [Live]1:32 
3. On My Way to You (Live)3:26 
4. Dear Rodeo (Intro) [Live]2:17 
5. Dear Rodeo (Live)4:50 

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