Classic Halloween Theme Songs

Classic Halloween Theme Songs
by Halloween Hit Factory


1. A Nightmare On Elm Street2:05 
2. Adams Family Theme Song1:29 
3. Amityville Horror3:08 
4. Dark Shadows0:30 
5. Excorcist Movie Theme Song (Tubular Bells)4:45 
6. Friday The 13th3:37 
7. Ghostbusters3:58 
8. Halloween3:02 
9. Jaws Movie Theme Song1:45 
10. Josie And The Pussycats1:00 
11. Looney Tunes0:19 
12. Munsters1:17 
13. Psycho Movie Theme Song2:08 
14. Sabrina the Teenaged Witch Theme1:00 
15. Speed Racer1:11 
16. Spiderman1:00 
17. The Shining1:31 
18. Thundercats Theme0:56 
19. Twilight Zone0:43 
20. X Files Theme0:49 

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