Chris Brown (Expanded Edition)

Chris Brown (Expanded Edition)
by Chris Brown


1. Intro0:57 
2. Run It!3:50 
3. Yo (Excuse Me Miss)3:49 
4. Young Love3:39 
5. Gimme That3:07 
6. Ya Man Ain't Me3:35 
7. Winner4:05 
8. Ain't No Way (You Won't Love Me)3:24 
9. What's My Name3:52 
10. Is This Love3:17 
11. Poppin' (Main)4:25 
12. Just Fine3:52 
13. Say Goodbye4:50 
14. Run It! Remix (Main Version)4:04 
15. So Glad2:58 
16. Seen the Light4:09 
17. Thank You4:26 
18. Gimme That Remix3:57 

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